From the archives…..

This week I ventured into my photography vault and looked at the photos I have taken over the last 5 years of doing whale photography, preparing myself for the upcoming season.

So for the next couple of weeks I will be posting some photos from the last five years of my whale watching adventures and for something different I have processed them to black and white using Silver Effects Pro.

Weekly photo catch up

As I am still waiting for the whale watching season to kick off here in Australia.

I decided to head to one of our local wildlife parks, the Australian Reptile Park ( and photograph their mammals, birds and reptiles.

Some of the reptiles.These were shot using Pentax K3 and Tamron 90mm lens.

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Fijian Iguana

Turtle eye
Baby Alligator
Baby Alligator
This photo was shot with Pentax 55mm-300mm lens
Close up of the skin of an alligator. This photo was shot with Pentax 55mm-300mm lens

Birds. These photos where all shot with Pentax K3

Tawny Frogmouth.
Photo taken with Pentax 55-300mm lens


Grey headed flying fox.

Shot with Pentax K3 and 55-300mm lens.
Resting Quokka.

Shot with Pentax K3 and 55-300mm lens.

Weekly photo catch up

So now that I have decided to blog once a week, the main challenge has been what to write and photograph. I decided that I would photograph some local area here on the Central Coast, NSW.

So here are a small collection of this weeks photos.